Monday, March 25, 2013

Praying for Brothers to Get Along

I have two boys.
They are 5 and 2.
My sons are loud and rough.
It's hard to watch them argue.
Communication is a learned art.
Fighting, grunting, throwing, stomping, kicking- natural.
 I'm their mom.
The mom likes quiet.
She hates conflict and noise.
Watching their frustration tires me.
Peace-making and understanding, please.
Hugging, laughing, sharing, listening, forgiving- my desire.

Thanks to The MOB Society, I have ways to pray specifically for the hearts of my boys now (you can follow them on facebook to receive a verse/prayer for the day).  I can't just hope they will grow into compassionate men.  I ask God to help me teach them and do what only He can do in showing them the way to love others.

And when I find them pushing trucks around on the soccer fields together, I freeze time with my camera.  This is a precious moment.  I want to remember that friendship is possible, that kindness is growing. With God, all things are possible.

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