Monday, September 02, 2013

The "I Did It" List: You've Accomplished More Than You Think Today

In this season of endless household duties, it often feels like nothing is ever done. My "To Do" list keeps multiplying faster than I can cross something off.  On the days when it seems like I am never going to get ahead, I hit reverse and try something different.

With a pen and a blank piece of paper, I write down each task I complete, no matter how small.  
It's my way of visually reminding myself of everything I have accomplished, so I don't get overwhelmed by everything that's left to do.

Do you see how the simplest things add up?  Each small task helps this house run a little smoother and attests to everything moms do to keep their family happy. So next time someone asks you, "What did you do today?" you can hold up the proof and say, "All this!" instead of staring blankly in reply.  

Why don't you make your own "I Did It" list today!  See how awesome you really are :-)

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Unknown said...

Love this idea! I think I will absolutely be using it at work and at home!