Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break at Home

This week is my kid's spring break from school.  We're not packing up for the beach, although we did just get back from a weekend visiting friends another state away.  No, this year, we're staying at home. And why not?

Spring break at home is still a vacation, because:
  1. We can wake up at our leisure.
  2. We get a break from the normal hurried routines.
  3. Mommy can sit down and play Legos without feeling like she's not doing something else that needs to get done before tomorrow.
  4. The kids can play on the iPad, watch favorite TV shows, and play on the computer, since there's no homework.
  5. There's no homework.
  6. I don't have to pack school lunches. Mommy can cook one meal for everyone.
Who doesn't like a week of rest?
  1. Breakfast doesn't need to be rushed.
  2. Daily housework is more of a team effort.
  3. We love crafts, and now we have time to do them!
  4. Mom & Dad don't have to drive as much, taking kids to and from school.
  5. We can hang out in our pjs.
  6. Family field trips during the weekday- not so crowded!
  7. I am not my toddler's sole means of entertainment when brother & sister are around. 
  8. Playdates with friends can last all day...or night.
Come to think of it, we did a lot of these things when we were homeschooling!  Hmmm...

How are you spending your spring break?


miller_schloss said...

We had that for the last two weeks, but with less fun...the kids were sick and missed almost two weeks of school!

Dani Byham said...

Well, I'm not sure that counts as a break at all!