Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quieting our Souls

"Be still and know that I am God." -Psalms 46.10

I don't know about you, but my house is only quiet when the kids are sleeping...or when they're not here at all.  

A lot of times, it's like a three ring circus.  One kid is singing at the table; another is trying to get my attention by repeating something over and over again, louder each time; and the third child is mad that they weren't treated to the same amount of computer time than their sibling.  Meanwhile, the T.V. serves as background noise, the parents are trying to have a serious conversation, and the oven timer is beeping...

In this season for our family, LOUD is normal.  We can try to run to the bathroom, lock the door, cover our ears, squeeze our eyes shut tight, and mentally escape for a few minutes.  Or we can minimize the crazy by turning off the television and save the grownup talks for a better time.  But those small little needy humans are still going to interrupt, no matter how many times you remind them of their manners. 

For all these reason, I have made a brave choice to set my alarm 30 minutes-1 hour before my kids wake up in the mornings.  Not everyday- but most days.  And I make myself get out of bed. 
Crazy?  Maybe.  But not crazier than the rest of my day.
I have learned that I NEED quiet.  It is so incredibly difficult to think with all of the distractions at times. It's like my brain short circuits.

The verse in Psalms reminds me that only when I make the intentional effort to quiet myself, will I best hear from God and remember what’s true and important. It's how I refresh myself and regain strength for the next day's battles and activities. Inwardly, I repeat the words when I’m feeling stressed or confused.

So, while the house is dark and my family is sleeping, I tip-toe downstairs to start the coffee, snuggle under a blanket, and read, write, plan my day, or scroll through my favorite iphone apps.

Because for just a little bit, I can finish a thought, process shaky emotions, focus my heart and attitudes, and wake up slowly.  

For soon, my family will open their eyes too, and it will be still no longer.

How do you refresh and make time to quiet your soul?

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This is a great post thanks for writing it.