Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh boy! And away I go

It's true, I've been preoccupied staying with the kids home all day, every day, teaching 2nd grade subjects to my daughter, setting up playtimes with my little guy, and driving kids to preschool, cheerleading, awanas, and such.  It's been busy, but it's a good busy :-)

We're very excited to be expecting another baby boy in January.  I'm at 21 weeks, and am happy to feel lots of kicking as our new family member grows healthy and strong.  I'm ready to nest, as I shop for deals on all the basic baby gear and try to plan a nursery theme!  Brody can't wait to share a room with his brother when the baby's older.

Yes, we've picked a name, but after trying it out on a couple of people, it's generally our tradition to keep it a secret until you meet the baby- unless, of course, one of the kids blurt it out ;-)  His name will start with a "B."  Bella, Brody, and mystery "B."

With this new baby and our introduction to homeschooling, I'm entering another new part of my life journey- one where I relax  previous personal goals from my tightly clenched fists and reach for new, worthwhile ambitions concerning my family.  I may not have my bachelor's degree framed on a wall yet, but I have two smart, unique, healthy, silly, and thriving children to boast about!  I may not be an acclaimed actress, director, or published author, but I will never regret investing this time into nurturing, teaching, inspiring, encouraging, and helping my own kids succeed in their own dreams. 

It took a while for me to get here.  I fought back tears and let some spill out in confusion, disappointment, or frustration, but I don't at all feel like I am making a mistake. 

Our pastor just finished an amazing series of messages entitled "The Time of Your Life," and I walked away feeling confident that I am not wasting it. 2 kids, 3 kids, maybe 4 kids later:  they will be my greatest work and accomplishments in this life, so it makes sense to put the majority of my time, focus, and energy towards raising them.  Careers, hobbies, and degrees have been pushed down the priority list. 

Who knows where the next road will take me.  I'm sure it won't be easy.  I'm positive it will be humbling.  But in the end, I will have grown. And I know that with our wise, selfless choices, we'll see blessings along the way.

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