Thursday, September 23, 2010

7 Days a Week

Totally random/fun blog post. 

I love They Might Be Giants' kid songs, so Brody and I were looking up videos on Youtube yesterday. Inspired by their "Never Go To Work" song, I decided to write my own version (the link and real lyrics are next):

On Monday, Brody goes to preschool
On Tuesday, I coach some cheers
Wednesdays, I take Bella to AWANAS
and entertain Brody when he's near
Thursdays go alot like Tuesdays
On Fridays, we shout, "It's a wrap"
It's games all day on Saturday
Then on Sundays, we all take naps.

"Never Go to Work" by They Might Be Giants

On Mondays, I never go to work
On Tuesdays, I stay at home
On Wednesdays, I never feel inclined
Work is the last thing on my mind
On Thursdays, it's a holiday!
And Fridays I detest
Oh it's much too late on a Saturday
And Sunday is the day of rest.

Make up your own version!

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