Friday, August 20, 2010

Bribe or Blunder

I don't bribe my kids very often.  I like to distract or offer something to look forward to, unless it seems like these don't work.  When we have dessert, for instance, we remind them that they have to finish "the good stuff" or they can't have any ice cream.  When we're potty training, we let them have bubble gum, skittles, m&ms, or whatever to reward their bathroom successes.  Admittedly, I have used the lollipop to keep a child quiet and buy me some time when needed.  But I have never pulled out the big bucks...until now.

This is posted on the wall in front of the potty to brainwash Brody (is there a better way to put it)?  It says "Big boys like Buzz Lightyear use the potty."  What it doesn't say is that Brody only earns those rocket ships if he poops in the potty.  If he does it 5 times he gets to bring home this:

Is he excited?  Yes.  Has he pooped in the potty yet?  No.

I'm only nervous because Brody is looking forward to going to preschool 3 mornings a week (as am I), but he has to be potty-trained first.  All of his buddies have mastered it, and he's still taking his sweet time.  We've got about 2 weeks to make this kid a potty-training graduate.

On a postitive note: the pee pee is going where it's supposed to, so it's not all a monumental failure.

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