Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Summer's Resolution

The edge between the school year and summer break feels a bit like New Year's Eve.  My brain is just about dead from the demands celebrations require of me, but I still sense a nudge to give myself some kind of new goal.  A personal purpose. A thing to look forward to before the next few months roll over me like an avalanche of everyone's else's plans.

We moms are professional activity planners for our kids and our families because:
A.) We want to make memorable moments.
B.) We realize the importance of connection.
C.) We know that kids require some direction.
D). We will lose our minds trying to do all of the entertaining ourselves!

But do we make space on the calendar for our own kinds of fun?

My Summer's Resolution is to do things just for fun.  Why should the kids have all of the adventures and play dates and camps? Let's take these next few months to check off some bucket lists of our own!

Go paddle boarding.
Play an instrument.
Paint something.
Go to a non-kid movie with friends.
Sit by the pool alone.
Decorate a room.
Go on a date.
Put together a huge puzzle.
Take a class.
Go for a run.
Do yoga.

This summer could be one for the books!  Because we reminded ourselves that's it's okay to take the kids to the library and then drop them off with Grandma while we sip iced coffee and window shop for a spell. Or we closed the bedroom door to read in peace and quiet. Honestly, taking fun breaks are a win for the whole family!

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