Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Just for the Fun of It?

What if we did more things just for the fun of it?  Not for recognition.  Not for a paycheck. And not because it was included in a list of obligations.

What if we just followed our leanings and didn't care what so-and-so thought about it?  Our outfit choices, our decorating decisions, or our book selections? Or even how we organize our schedules?

What if we painted a unicorn just because we wanted to? Or wrote because we just liked the way the words fit together? Or made plans with a friend just because we liked their company?

Not for what we could get.
Not for a higher step on the social ladder.
Not for any reason whatsoever.


Maybe we'd laugh more.  Maybe we'd be a little more chill.  Maybe we'd be a lot more comfortable in our own flip flops/sneakers/heels/boots. Maybe we'd be happier moms.

Maybe we'd make people smile. Make them want some of that freedom, some of that spunk, some of that confidence.

Maybe we'd remember when we thought dandelions were flowers to wish upon and not weeds messing up our manicured yards of unrealistic expectations. That silly, not-so-serious, side of us might bloom right where it's planted. We wouldn't hide or wait for permission anymore.

I wonder if we'd finally capture that ever elusive creature we named JOY. I wonder if it would nuzzle right up to our souls like an old friend we'd been missing.  And I wonder if it would stay.

Because this one-time life is a gift for enjoying (Ecclesiastes 5:18-20).

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