Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Are you underestimating your mom super powers?

Forget the cape.  Forget the ability to fly, to move things with your mind, to see through solid walls. When I became a mom, I unexpectedly acquired some real super powers.

You probably did too- even if you haven't yet discovered them.

I don't know when it happened for me exactly. It was less instantaneous than a reaction to a spider bite. Though I've been told that I produce a natural glow, the mysterious gene went largely unnoticed for years... until people started frequently asking me, Where is my hairbrush? Has anyone seen my sunglasses? Can you find the remote?

Then it happened. My senses intensified and I could see my newfound strength. 

When someone in my family cannot locate a missing item, they call meI. Am. The. Finder. of. Things. Lost library books, shoes, costume pieces, homework, permission slips, favorite stuffed animals, water bottles, broken pieces to things...You name it. I recover it.

Not to puff out my chest, put my hands confidently on my hips and brag, but I've gradually come to realize that this is a very uniquely special talent. God blessed with me kids and then simultaneously bestowed on me the necessary skills that would be required to save the planet from certain destruction. Because Heaven knows, that somebody needs to keep track of the stuff!

Also, I'm your woman if you need a human lie detector or last minute art project idea. You can call me Wonderful Woman, Magnificent Mother, Fantastic Female. Any will do. But lately, my kids like to shorten it to Mom-do-you-know-where-my-Pokemon-cards-are?

Tell me, what is your parental super power?

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