Tuesday, November 05, 2013

DIY Lalaloopsy Doll Hair Instructions

This Halloween, I decided to pull out the glue gun and yarn to attempt a piece to my daughter's requested costume.  So, if you're ever wondering how you can make your own Lalaloopsy Doll costume for your kid's next dress up event, here's an estimation of the DIYWT (Do It Yourself With Time) project:


"Peanut Big Top" LaLaLoopsy Doll Hair 

I have to first give this website credit for my inspiration as I used it as a guideline.  My daughter's hair piece had to be different since it required pigtails, but the supply list and instructions were very helpful.

Supplies Needed:
  • 1 Skein Purple Yarn (Hobby Lobby)
  • 19 Yards deco flex tubing (I bought 30 yards from Amazon, after I couldn't find any at Hobby Lobby or Michael's)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Head band (Hobby Lobby)
  • Two Red Hair Bows (Claire's)
  • Scissors 
Approximate Project Time:
  • 10-12 hours (Don't be scared! This doesn't mean the project is difficult, by any means.  It just takes a while to wrap the yarn, so plan ahead.)
  • I cut the deco flex tubing into 10" lengths.  They will stretch out another 1-2" as you work with the coils.  Knowing that, it may be a good idea to place the headband on your child's head and measure a length you'd like the hair to fall. 
  • I ended up using 78 of these 10" pieces for my daughter's hairpiece, which amounted to over 19 yards of the deco flex tubing.  If I had more time, I could've added more for an even fuller look.  That's up to you.
  • Find a comfy chair in front of the TV for the next step.  Apply hot glue to one end of a flex tubing "coil" and add yarn.  Take a minute to glue and cover the end for a finished look, then start wrapping the tubing with your purple yarn until you reach the next end, finishing the same way you started.  Be careful to not wrap too tightly or stretch the "coil" out during this process.  Remember, that it will add an inch or more to your length.  Plus, I think the fuller curl is nicer, and you won't get that if you squeeze the tubing.
  • In the beginning, it took me about 10 minutes to complete one coil.  As I did more (and may have gotten a little impatient), I got faster, finishing a tubing length in five minutes. So I'm guessing it took me around 9 hours to wrap the yarn around all of the coils. I started about two weeks before Halloween, so I just left my supplies in a place where I could work on a few any time I was sitting in the family room.
  • Once you've finished the longest part of this project, you'll want to use your child as a model and figure out how you want the bangs to look.  After you've marked where you want them to go, glue the bangs to the headband first.  I had to cut a few shorter lengths of tubing just for this part. 
  • After you've glued the bangs, start adding all of those precious curls to the headband!  I started by gluing hair that would cover the back of my daughter's head, then concentrated on the sides for the pigtails.  The rest of this was just me eyeballing it.  I added more coils on top of the sides to create the fuller, pigtail appearance, and made sure to keep in mind that it all needed to look finished when I was done.  
  • The process of gluing the coils to the headband, may take another hour or two to complete.  Note: The hair bows also help to hide any imperfections in the front area!

The Rest of the Costume:

  • White Shirt: Amazon (AmazingPrivateSale LLC): French Toast School Uniform Short Sleeve Peter Pan Blouse (Feminine Fit)
  • Orange Gloves: Amazon (SACAS): Elbow Length 15" Satin Gloves in Autumn Red 
  • Black/White Striped Tights: Amazon (Discount Dance Supply) Child Striped Tights
  • Orange Tutu: Amazon (ibabydepot) 12" Orange Ballet Tutu
  • Pink Boots: Target
  • Pink Belt: my daughter's closet
It would have been great if my daughter had some of these elements in her own wardrobe collection, but since she didn't I had to look around for the different pieces that would achieve the "Peanut Big Top" Lalaloopsy Doll look that she liked.

I hope this has been helpful!  I loved seeing my daughter's unique costume when we went trick-or-treating, and she received many compliments on her cheerful outfit- which of course, was reimbursement enough for me :-)

Be creative!  Have fun with this project, and make it your own! 

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