Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our Happy Halloween Decor

With the leaves and acorns sprinkled atop our browning grass, and the decorations finally making their places in our home, it is finally starting to feel like fall around here! Mom's happy, and so are the kids.

As I mentioned in Monday's post, I do not participate in the creepy side of Halloween, no matter how many times my six-year-old son claims that it's all "fun" and not at all scary.  So when looking for ways to make things festive around here, I have to get a little creative!  Thank you, Pinterest, for your many inspirations!

Here are a few of our ideas:
Giant Candy Corn (Hobby Lobby)!
Orange Pumpkin Faces (Pinterest)

My kids' funny creations.

Our centerpiece napkin holder

Our entry table (when it's not cluttered).
$5 craft pumpkins sawed in half (Walmart)
$1 Foam sticker kits (Hobby Lobby)
$5 pumpkins to carve this weekend (Walmart)
Leftover craft pumpkin half & old picture frame.
A little small, but inexpensive & cute!

I am still missing a few of my favorite pumpkin decorations packed away in a bin still trapped somewhere in our garage since our recent move, but I would say this is a decent start!

Want to share some of your happy fall decor?

Post your pictures on my Facebook wall!  

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