Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To feel something

Okay, so I'm 15 weeks pregnant, and for those of you who have asked and gotten a fuzzy answer in response, my due date is January 31st.  There.  It's in print so I don't forget again.  I'm horrible with numbers.

My baby is about the size of an apple now and is supposed to look like this:

I just wish I could feel the sweet little thing already or see him or her.  I'm ready to feel connected, like there's something to look forward to besides constant fatigue.

I'm impatient to know the gender and give this stranger a name. 

I'm full of anticipation, expectation, wonder
And it's just so hard to wait.

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Kali Park said...

Aww Hi Dani! I've missed you on Xanga. Are you on facebook? Congrats on your little one!!!

-Kali (Atira on Xanga)