Monday, June 28, 2010

S'mores and more

This weekend, we decided to attempt a backyard campout, though the weather threatened storms and the humidity tempted us to stay inside.  It turned out to be nice.  Not too hot and rain-free.

Putting up the tent, cooking hotdogs and marshmallows over the fire, and chasing fireflies was our evening's entertainment.  The stars hid behind clouds, but there's still something wholly relaxing about lying down with nature, looking up through the tent at the sillouhettes of trees.

Both Brody (the 3-year-old) & Max (the dog) couldn't figure out why we were still outside after dark and had a hard time settling down.  Max was escorted inside for the night, because the sound of him chewing on a tennis ball was getting on our nerves.  After a round of musical sleeping bags, Brody finally calmed down too. 

Bella was the first to fall asleep and the last to wake up- right past 6:00am, which brought daylight and noisy birds (that woke ME up).  I think she's almost a teenager.  The rest of us took naps throughout the day to make up for our restless slumber, but the adventure was worth the sacrifice- and it's always nice to have a Saturday to recover :-)

Our first family campout was a success, not just because we all survived and finally fell asleep, but because we shut out the distractions, the technology, the t.v. and enjoyed each other's company.  That's a good reason to do it again.

* * * * *
Boy, have I got a week planned (plenty of blogging fodder)!

A trip or two to the pool.
A free summer movie.
Small group girls' night out.
Phantom at the Fox with Tiff.
A tie-dye party.
The children's museum.

Okay, this is what I imagined summer break to be full of- lots of friends and lots of long as I can keep my ducks in a row, stick to the calendar, and gather my supplies :-)

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