Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Homegrown Child

Over the past few months, I became increasingly agitated by my daughter's education experience.  Through conversations with many friends and my own personal research, I decided that I wanted to take back my right to teach Bella what I think is imporant and focus on her specific skills and talents. 

So recently, my family decided to join the growing ranks of homeschoolers. 

It's a slightly terrifying but very exciting prospect.  I have high hopes that my daughter will flourish at home, and yet I realistically understand that we will probably get sick of each other now and then.  But I can't imagine that she could find a more supportive and loving environment while she grows up. 

This is our first try at a different form of education for our kids, but we're not advertising it as the only right way.  After all, we're new at this. 

I started a separate blog to share my research, trials, and triumphs over the next year and maybe future decisions concerning our family's education.  Check into The Homegrown Child if you're interested in following along!  I've been hesitant to share this, since I'm just beginning to gather my thoughts, so be patient as I work out the brainy cobwebs :-)

Photo by Squeezebox Photography.

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