Tuesday, March 16, 2010

If I wasn't a mother

Becoming a parent takes the selfishness right out of you.  I have to attribute much of my personal growth to having children.  God calls them "blessings," yet so many times I believed the opinions that they "hold us back" and "tie us down."  If I wasn't a mother, it might have taken me a lot longer to learn what is most important in life. 

I would not have grasped what selfless, unconditional love means.  I would not have this sense of humor to laugh when everything seems to go wrong; flexibility when someone else's needs trump my own plans; and patience when I can't control my circumstances.

I'm still figuring out what kind of mother I should be, but I already know that God is using my children for my own good.  And we all thought it was just about teaching them ;-)

Parenting is the best kind of education for the whole family.

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Jenn said...

I know that I am such a selfish person... having kids would be such an adjustment!