Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just What I Needed

I'm baaaaack.

What a relief!  Classes have been over for two week, so I have been catching up on neglected housekeeping and working on other necessary projects.  It's amazing how busy I can be when I'm NOT in school. 

We made Mother's Day gifts to send off to our 2 moms, 1 step-mom, and 3 grandmothers (what a blessing to have all these women in our lives)!  Bella & I got crafty and made bookmarks for everyone and a garden stone for my mom (I buy things that I like for people).

I finally sent off Brody's birthday invitations.  Can you guess the theme?  5 more days...

This past weekend was very welcomed and much needed.  It was satisfying to accomplish important things and take advantage of a free afternoon to take a nap!

My husband and kids were sweet- letting me choose to go out for donuts for breakfast, buying me presents, making me pictures, and giving me fresh cut roses from our front yard.  My favorite gifts are the thoughtful ones.

A favorite Mother's Day sentiment came from Bella's homemade card, showing a picture of me teaching her to do her own laundry:

I love you mom!  You are the best!  I love you so much that I could kiss you right now!

Makes me feel like I'm doing all right :-)

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