Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Take-a-Trip Tuesday & a Summer Giveaway!

It's Take-a-Trip Tuesday, and my kids are off to the Summer Movies. Where do you go to cool off when it's hot? Some of our favorite places to get out of the house are: 
the library     the aquarium     indoor trampoline/inflatable park     the beach     a shady playground     children's museum     ice cream shop     the pool     an arcade
 If you want more suggestions from The Mom Season's List of 72 Free Summer Activity Ideas, you can still sign up here! 

Since not all of those field trips are free, here's a chance to win some spending money for all those fun summer outings! Click the image below for a $50 cash giveaway.  And share the love with your mom friends!
#TakeATripTuesday #themomseasonsummer

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