Saturday, March 14, 2015

Twelve Years a Marriage

Dear Husband,

Our first year of meeting was like a sprint. We became friends fast. Fell in love fast. Got engaged and married fast. Had babies fast. 

But twelve years of marriage was 4,383 days long. Not fast. More like steady. 

Our shared life has required us to train for a marathon of loving one another through all kinds of weather, changes in terrain, and fluctuating emotions. 

We slowed down and acclimated to each new addition to the family. As job changes and relocations surfaced,we watched our steps and adjusted our rhythm. We have learned to pace ourselves in patience when disagreements arise, when pain comes, when emotions blur our vision. 

To win this race, we must continue to fix our eyes on the finish line, not getting hung up on temporary circumstances or personality differences. 

Because we're not scoring individual points for a race we entered together. Everyone else may pass us by on their singular paths to happiness, but we know that we have chosen a team philosophy. There is no "I." 

We have common goals and worthy motivations: With Jesus as our inspiration, we're carrying a light to the world and raising our family to love God and others. It all starts with us.

I'm so proud of us for completing another year! Still holding hands. Still cheering one another on. Still in the race.

Thanks for running with me.
With love,
Your Wife

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