Saturday, March 01, 2014

My New Vacuum: A Funny Thing to Get So Excited About

The other day, a mom friend and I decided to venture out to Target together. This was a genius plan, by the way, and I am really considering a repeat performance. Our little guys sat in one cart together playing on our phones, while I pushed another cart with our purchases. We chatted as we searched for items and helped one another make the best choice of non-leaking water bottles for the kids.

When my shopping partner stated that she needed to replace her mini-vacuum, I was like, "I've been wanting one of those for ages!  Will you show me which one you like?" 

After we found our new cordless cleaning devices, I couldn't contain my excitement (is this how guys feel about their tools?).  I told her that I couldn't wait to charge my handheld vac and start cleaning out the snack crumbs in my van!  

My fellow mom laughingly replied, "I know!  Me too!  How lame are we?"

And for a second, I paused.  I considered her statement.

At the end of the checkout line, we ventured to the in-store Starbucks for a rainy afternoon treat, and I thought, We aren't lame.  

I wondered how many times I too have uttered similar self-deprecating words- making fun of myself?  As if all the small things I experience in the life of a stay-at-home mom are not things to be grateful for. While having a sense of humor is imperative in the life of a mom, hearing the joke come out of someone else's mouth made me realize that we may be looking at our present circumstances all wrong. 

I get it.  I do.  It seems silly to revel in such ordinary things.  Who in the world does cartwheels over a new vacuum? Not many, I'm sure. But finding a spark of joy in our day is not something to belittle.

Do you know what motherhood has taught me?  Of the many lessons, I have learned to appreciate minute moments and unexpected gifts.  I am so thankful for breaks in the mundane and appliances that make my life easier. Being a mom has changed me and how I view so many things: what hard work it is raising children and managing a household.  You have to be positive and grateful as often as possible in order to maintain a good attitude.  Because let's be honest, the other residents in your family circle can be downright grumps and leave trails of clutter wherever they roam.

Let's be proud of every day we DO this!  And keep noticing the things that add value to our lives. When we find ourselves laughing away a simple pleasure, let's remember that God has given us this season to really SEE what is good and noteworthy.

A thankful heart is a happy heart. -VeggieTales

For people who can't understand my excitement over a lightweight, portable vacuum, it's probable that they've done very little lugging around of cleaning equipment, or haven't spent much of their existence riding in a vehicle whose inhabitants treat it like a trash can.

My van is going to be so CLEAN.

What simple thing do you appreciate today?

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