Monday, February 10, 2014

Be Brave and See What Happens

I'm going to admit a fear I've been battling lately.  Actually, there's more than one dragon I'm swinging a sword at, but it comes down to the fact that I've just been scared.  It really isn't anything major except that, any sort of fear (rational or irrational) always holds us back.  It limits our potential and impact on the world. So if I'm going to make my mark, I have to face the enemies.
  1. I have been afraid of failing. So I don't try.
  2. I worry about what others think. So I withdraw.
I told you these weren't gigantic monsters. Possibly, you've had the same insecurities as well (which  would come as a relief to me).  Living in fear, isolates you and I.  It causes us to close the curtains and hide. Just sharing your worries with someone else, can weaken the scary stuff and build yourself a team of support.

For a writer, fears limit my willingness to say what I want to say.  I'm a wiz at over-analyzing the outcome.  Will the words make sense?   Did that sound stupid?  Does anyone hear me? Quickly following, are the self-doubting thoughts: Why would anyone read this?  Hasn't everything that needs to be said, been said already?

Mom friends, have you feared that your current method of parenting isn't the right one?  I too have worried about that.  Are you also afraid of making your kids mad at you or not measuring up in the eyes of other moms?  Me too, sometimes. The danger is falling into the "forget-it-I-can't-win" mentality. This is a terrible loss for our families and for ourselves!

In everyday interactions, fears can effect our relationships too.  I may not speak up when I have a good idea. You may not reply when someone offends you.  Opportunities are missed when we stay silent and friendships suffer when we aren't vulnerable. Tucking away seems safer, but it's the opposite of living an awesome life.

So, in my quest to BE this year, the first challenge I accept is to BE BRAVE! I hereby choose to no longer be afraid of what MAY happen and let the fear of unknown possibilities paralyze me.  Doing nothing will accomplish...nothing. 

I hope you can muster up some courage to take down a few of your own insecurities. Who cares what others think? Be your wonderful self and attempt your very best at what lies in front of you.  It may take a few whacks, but beating fear itself is always a win!

I'm praying for me and for you.  I can't wait to see what happens :-)

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