Thursday, May 30, 2013

Because Stuff Always Take Longer Than You Think It Will

Let me re-introduce myself:
I'm a mom. I have three kids.  If you stacked them on top of one another, they would definitely be bigger than me.  Sometimes, it feels like they already are.

I'm still not sure what all these light switches do.

My son graduated kindergarten and I picked his parent-teacher conference to meltdown. Seriously.
The last month of school just about killed me. The last week of school was a joke (four half-days of carrying a toddler to award ceremonies, field days, class parties, and still being required to make lunch when we got home. Yeah.) Oh.  And soccer.

The boxes are no longer winning, but they are still there.

And our entire family has been healthy for an entire four days now, maybe?

Tired doesn't even begin to describe this season I am in. Moving into a new house seemed like a good idea at the time.  I guess it always does. Ha! Let's have a little laugh now...or cry...or both.

Okay, I feel better.

What I'm trying to say is that I should really know better than to entertain delusions of grandeur.  Like imagining that each room in the new house would be decorated in the first week or two.  Like thinking that I could jump right back into writing and renovating my blog while my computer is still not working. I really should have remembered that high expectations only set me up for a free fall of disappointment.  I need to put my feet somewhere safely between what is ideal and what is reality. I think that's healthy.  Expecting less without losing hope.

So for future reference:
Moving is harder than you think it is.  Unpacking takes longer than you think it will.  And that's because you have KIDS!  THREE OF THEM.  It. is. not. the. time. to. overachieve.  This is a season of making sure everyone is loved, clothed, fed and that's IT. You're in a new place.  It takes years for a tree's roots to grow strong and sink deep.  Settling takes time.

All that being said, the shower doors are finally being installed tomorrow, and the air conditioning guys are finishing something in the attic that will possibly send yucky pieces of insulation blowing through vents again.  But it's okay.  That's nothing a vacuum can't handle.  

And the awesome blog warming party will happen soon.  It will.  I promise!

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