Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Without a Nursing Degree

This has been the scene at our house for the past three days.  A sad, feverish little guy sleeping the hours away. The doctor says it's another case of Strep.  The sick boy won't take his meds, so it looks like we're going to ride this one out...

This post is for all the moms out there who've nursed sick kids without a nursing degree. You deserve a license, a bonus, or something for the extra job of making your kids better.  Because you do miracles.

  • You dab their heads with a cold wash cloth, when the fever won't go away.
  • You patiently coax them with chocolate to take their yucky medicine and popsicles to take in more fluids.
  • You make them laugh and let them watch movies or T.V. for as long as they're sick.
  • You hardly sleep, because they started breathing weird and you wanted to make sure they were okay.
  • You can't focus on anything else, because you're watching the clock and jotting down symptoms and the last time they had a dose of Tylenol.
  • You Lysol anything little hands touch and open windows to air the germs out.
  • You simultaneously manage to keep the other children entertained and away from the sick patient.
  • You rub their backs, sing songs, pray, and tell them they'll be okay, even though you're completely stressed out watching them suffer. 
  • You drop everything you're doing to nurse them back to health.

They're aren't degrees for parenting sick kids, but you do it. You demonstrate love in these times, and you're there. Your kids will remember that.
So even though you're tired and untrained, you're doing a great job.  Keep it up.

How do you cheer up your kids when they're sick?

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