Thursday, April 25, 2013

Picture Post: Because Moving is No Joke

I'll write about it later!  For now, this is a little bit what it looks like around here...
Empty cupboards. Don't pack the coffee mugs, yet!
Got colds?  Because moving was just too easy.
Bubble wrap, yo. And why did we keep the chocolate bunnies from Easter?

And then there's laundry.  Always the laundry.
Boxes just make things more interesting, really.

Important: Bella is still playing with these toys until the very last minute.
The Legos keep escaping!!!
The last bedtime stories and boy things.
The kids don't know it, but those toys aren't leaving the garage until we purge them one more time!
Tomorrow's Moving Day! Soon the madness will be over...
so that the unpacking craziness can begin, of course!

See you at the "House/Blog Warming Party" in May!

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