Thursday, October 18, 2012

Going Back

It's only been two months since we moved.

Only two months?!  
It certainly feels like longer.  It feels like a lot of 
getting lost and being late, 
stacking boxes and unpacking,
throwing away and donating, 
trying to remember routes and names, 
getting accustomed to schedules and the way things work here. 

So, I could hardly wait for the kids' fall break.   
Last weekend, with my oldest two buckled in the mom-mobile, I drove down familiar roads with excitement in my heart and tears on the brim.  
It's still fresh.   Missing the memories and knowing that life goes on.

In four nights and four days, we bounced around 
from house,
to van, 
to park, 
to restaurant, 
to another house, 
and another park, 
to our old neighborhood, 
and back.  

This trip was for the kids- to ease the transition from having dozens of friends to only a few.  This trip was for me too.  My heart is full again, seeing my kids happy and having deep, though brief, conversations with people I love.

Just a little dose of friendship to cure the loneliness.  
A little heart medicine for the homesick.  
A little more motivation to make new friends and learn new roads.   

And a reminder that one day, this will be familiar too. 

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