Monday, October 17, 2011


Have you ever been sitting at the dinner table, minding your own business, enjoying your plate of mashed potatoes...only to see your glass of sweet tea jiggling as a minor earthquake disrupts your occupation?  That tapping is my feet. That shaking is my fidgeting legs underneath your meal.  I'm anxious!  I apologize for the interruption.

I'm not a loud person, or even a hyper one- on the outside.  However, my mind is racing to the next idea, the next task, the next story.  I take rabbit trails in conversations.  That's why my legs can't be still.  I'm chomping at the bit to be somewhere else or get started on something!

It's really frustrating right now in this season of life, to have that feeling of wanting so much to race out of the gate, only to be reigned back by my current responsibilities. 

I have to remind myself DAILY that I will have time to sew, to create, to write, to read books in coffee shops.  My kids will be older.  They will be learning in other buildings.  I won't always be scheduling their entertainment for hours each day.  I won't always get to sit down and eat lunch with them in the kitchen.  One day, this house will get quieter.

When that happens, I'll probably miss it.  When I'm sitting at the sewing machine.  When I'm updating my blogs.  When I'm hanging picture frames, I'll check the time and try to pass the time doing other things I love until they come home again.

Looking forward gives me perspective.  It calms me down.  My knees won't bump the dinner table as much, because I'll rest in these moments.

So...I'm going to have to let God hold me back until He decides it's time to let me stretch my legs...

...just a little bit longer...

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