Thursday, December 02, 2010

Christmas Wishes

Our Christmas scout elf, Zingle, returned this week, and the kids are really loading him down with wishes!
Bella's been asking for a typewriter, "100,000,000" Barbie clothes, a DSi, and a "working ipod," per her most recent letter to Santa.  While she asks for these high-priced electronics, I know she'll be happy with all of her gifts.  Of course, we've been really trying to prep her to not expect all of these things.  However, she keeps reminding us that we don't have to buy the stuff, because "Santa Clause can just make it!"  We are so not ready spend money on things that she'll possibly lose or break.  Not yet.

Brody wants Transformers "that change into stuff," a Woody from Toy Story, and a castle.  He's really fun and easy to shop for.  I think he'll be excited with anything.  He's really into superheroes, dragons, Transformers, and Toy Story.  Easy peasy.

What are your kids wishing for?

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