Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Flailing, not sailing

In my self-diagnosed ADD fashion, my mind is scattered and my feelings of accomplishment have been inconsistent at best.  Couple that with pregnancy brain, homeschooling, and cheerleading responsibilities, then you can picture me- like a poor swimmer splashing like an idiot to reach the side of the pool.  Somehow I get there, but it isn't very pretty!

As much as I fight it, I need structure!   I'm my own boss, and yet I should probably act as if I have someone else to report to.  Maybe this would keep me on my toes.

Since I am an adult, I need to buck up and create a system that tells me what to do.  My "boss" takes the pressure off of my overthinking details or getting distracted by irrelevent side projects, because I would have to complete my assigned tasks for that day, before I start doodling on scrap paper.

I rebel against other people's expectations,  because I value personal expression and the variety of life.  BUT I have no excuse if I create my own bossy schedule.  I get to choose what day I do the errands, the laundry, the whatever.  If I fail to complete my tasks, I might as well just fire myself.

But it would be great to have an assistant.

How do you get everything done in a week?

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