Tuesday, February 02, 2010

On a sidenote

I'm thinking about homeschooling - not now or even next year.  I'm just asking lots of questions.  If you have an opinion, share it!  For now, here are my thoughts (I may add to them as I think more about it):

  1. Not having to report to the school if we want to go on a spontaneous vacation.
  2. Waking up with the sun, instead of setting the alarm for dark:thirty.
  3. Spending fewer hours sitting in a classroom and more time doing things and seeing the world.
  4. Evenings can be more relaxed for play and family time, instead of doing homework.
  5. A greater focus on creativity and expression.
  1. Paying for our own curriculum.
  2. Pulling the kids out of the norm.
  3. Mommy has to do more work.
  4. Less free time for Mommy (sans kids).

Yes, I think I'm slightly crazy, but does that really surprise anyone?


Lisa P. said...

Let us know if you do any researching on curriculums...I'm curious about that.

Bacon Accessories said...

Thanks for sharing thhis