Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Long days and pajamas

I feel like a working mom this semester.  I'm regressing to pulling all-nighters like a college student who can make up for it by taking naps the next day.  Ha! Reading hundreds of pages, typing thousands of words, and spending hours away from home in a library or in a classroom...I just want to live in my pajamas and not have that nagging sensation that I'm losing my fashion-sense to comfort and practicality (afterall, I just bought a minivan=practicality).

It's a matter of survival, people.  I need sleep, so every other night I attempt a 7 hour stretch, but a mom's gotta snag those quite moments as they come.  And most of the time, the dark hours are my only chance.

It's only a season, I remind myself!  It's 3 more months of pushing forward and not quitting.  It's knowing the relief that will come when it's over.  It's completing something I started.

So forgive me for my appearance and for my mental inavailability.

On a peppier note, we celebrated my husband's 28th birthday last night.  I bought a way-too-large cookie cake for the party which my daughter had decorated with the words "Happy birthday, Daddy...King of the World!"  We have a lot of leftovers- Come on over and have a slice.

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Lisa P; said...

ok, so for starters how stinkin' cute is our little boy chillin' in his jammies?? :) And also i completely hear you! Altho I'm not the one in school (Jon is) I feel the whole "season of insanity" thing. Jon's about to finish up 5 years of schooling this May to get his electrical license (Hellllo pay raise! :) But for some reason this year is kicking my butt. It could be that he's working full time, plus going to school (somedays he leaves at 4:30 am and doesn't get home till about 9 pm) I have 2 kids in school, both with different schedules so I literally do not have time to leave my house to do anything during the a crazy toddler and a fairly new baby. But there is comfort in the word "season", is there not? Hang in there! Someday you'll look back and won't remember all the everyday stresses and how tired you were. You'll be enjoying the life that you worked VERY hard to make for yourself and for your family. You're doing it :)