Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Long days and pajamas

I feel like a working mom this semester.  I'm regressing to pulling all-nighters like a college student who can make up for it by taking naps the next day.  Ha! Reading hundreds of pages, typing thousands of words, and spending hours away from home in a library or in a classroom...I just want to live in my pajamas and not have that nagging sensation that I'm losing my fashion-sense to comfort and practicality (afterall, I just bought a minivan=practicality).

It's a matter of survival, people.  I need sleep, so every other night I attempt a 7 hour stretch, but a mom's gotta snag those quite moments as they come.  And most of the time, the dark hours are my only chance.

It's only a season, I remind myself!  It's 3 more months of pushing forward and not quitting.  It's knowing the relief that will come when it's over.  It's completing something I started.

So forgive me for my appearance and for my mental inavailability.

On a peppier note, we celebrated my husband's 28th birthday last night.  I bought a way-too-large cookie cake for the party which my daughter had decorated with the words "Happy birthday, Daddy...King of the World!"  We have a lot of leftovers- Come on over and have a slice.
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