Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What a big boy can do and a mom can brag about

Brody is 2 1/2 (yes, we celebrated the half year, because it means we're so much closer to a birthday), and he has decided to be a big boy.  For my toddler that means:

a.) giving up his pacifier
b.) chewing gum without swallowing it
c.) sitting in a chair without a booster seat
d.) taking his dishes to the sink
e.) cleaning up his own messes

Soon, I hope it also means he will be potty-trained, but for now my heart blows up when I see how proud he is of himself with each small accomplishment.  He has his eye on riding a bicycle already too.  I'm not sure I'm ready for that!

I'm not ready for him to turn another year older either, but that will happen in 5 short months.  It's the bittersweet blessing of being a mom.  You want them to learn and grow, but you're afraid you'll miss who they are now.  But unless I can stop the sun from rising and setting, I can't keep this kid from growing up.

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