Friday, November 13, 2009

Translation, please

My new favorite thing is just listening to my 2-year-old talk, and he can really jabber now!  When he first started speaking words, they were mostly sound effects like "Woah" (for when he fell down).  Now, he's repeating us more and putting several words together- in his own cute, toddler way of course...

pash-wite (flash light)
Peace out (exactly what it sounds like)!
I wud you too, Mommy (He "wuds" me!  He really "wuds" me!)
mas (pacifier)
your pun (your turn)      
Putty, Bella (Sorry, Bella)
lello (yellow)
pee-ball (football)
woo-truck (fire truck, ambulance, or police car)
MY boon (MY balloon)
Daddy makin' money (Daddy's at work)
Too loud
Scare me (This is when something scares him.  He doesn't actually want you to scare him)
Pee, two, one.  Bast osh (3, 2, 1.  Blast off!) 

The best part is when he gives us a whole narrative about something, where we can only pick out a few words here and there.  There are always sound effects and motions to liven up the story too.  I love this kid!

Please don't tell me that he's going to be three soon and lose his chubby cheeks.  And he better never tell me that he "loves" me, or I'll only tell him that I "wud" him back.

2 is my favorite age.

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